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This workshop explores the power of voice, sound and deep relaxation.

You will be guided through the practice of Yoga Nidra, an effortless lying down practice which takes you to a space of conscious 'sleep'; during Nidra our bodies relax, whilst other parts of our being are thoroughly nourished: mind is calmed, emotions are balanced and vital energy is restored. We explore Kirtan, the yogic practice of heart-centred singing, accompanied by the sacred sounds of the harmonium. This inclusive group practice quiets the mind whilst connecting us to the heart, the present moment and one another. Freeing the voice through Kirtan can be an empowering and liberating experience. We integrate these practices with an immersive Sound Bath, a lying down relaxation to rest and simply receive the effects and vibrations of sound.





I know many people are interested in learning to meditate, or in deepening their current practice. After all, the physical practice of yoga was developed to enable practitioners to sit in meditation for prolonged periods. So why meditate? Some of the many wonderful benefits of meditation include: reduced stress levels, relief from anxiety and depression, improved concentration, focus and cognitive function, increased immunity, improved sleep, increased connection with the self and many more!


Anyone can meditate, and I will be sharing a range of techniques using breath, visualisation, sound and simple hand postures (known as Mudras) to help quieten the mind, align with your centre and become acquainted with your own inner world. We shall also explore concepts from yogic theory that are applicable to everyday life, that help to create a sense of peace and harmony within yourself and with those around you.

I run these workshops throughout the year - please contact me to register interest, when I have enough attendees I can set a date/time /place that suits us all.


Alternatively you can book a private/small group session in your own home, office or peaceful private studio space. Please contact me to enquire or book.



This beautiful practice blends yin and yang yoga with the sacred sounds of guitar, harmonium and mantra.
Come salute the sun with us, cultivating gratitude, attuning and uplifting our beings, balancing our solar and lunar energies. We shall flow gently through sun salutations to live music & traditional mantra, flowing into yin inspired postures, coming together in sound and vibration to seal this invigorating, uplifting and harmonising practice into our beings. 



I am an advocate of the therapeutic power of voice and sound. Deeply inspired by their positive effects in my own life, I share teachings from different wisdom traditions including Tibetan Overtone Chanting, Shamanic Medicine Music and Bhakti Yoga. I love sharing my passion for yoga, voice and sound, to uplift and restore, as a therapeutic tool and catalyst for healing.


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I also share these workshops at events and retreats  - please contact me if you would like to book a workshop for your event or retreat.

"If you liberate the voice you liberate the human being."

Jill Purce